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Did that get your attention?  Rather than go on and on about a new year and failed resolutions (already have one) I want to talk about what I’ve decided to delve into this year and it is all about DESIRE.

I stumbled upon this little video interview by Marie Forleo (love her) with Danielle LaPorte, oh say, about a month ago.  In this interview Danielle describes one New Year’s eve that took goal setting to a whole new level.  As she puts it, Goals with Soul.  It was so inspiring I moved into action and signed up, bought the book and can barely put it down.

As of yesterday, Danielle LaPorte launched the “Biggest book club ever” by allowing for participants, such as myself, host their own book club with these principles from her book The Desire Map .  The idea was fabulous!  My book club is small.  But what we are going to do is some real work.  The Desire Map really helps you to explore what your core desired feelings are by asking,  How do you want to feel everyday?  It is the thing we can control.  But it is also a way to know when something isn’t right for us.   Whether it’s a situation, a job, a house, a lover, or a friend; everyday our feelings let us know if its good for us or if we are where we desire to truly be.  In the world today we are often taught to ignore these feelings or stuff them down.  But Danielle suggests what if you could change all that?

Since I’ve begun reading this book I consider my feelings more and more every moment of every day.  When I begin a rage about a situation [i.e., why is this house so dirty?!] or something not going my way I ask, Is this how I want to feel?    It gets my brain working and looking at what is going on with me.  I’m really getting to the root of this stuff and even resolved a recent issue with new-found perspective.  It was unbelievably freeing to finally “see the light” and how my filtered views on things can really morph things into something that doesn’t actually exist that was causing suffering.  It’s truly not how I want to feel any more.  I prefer to take a walk on the wild side and live my life according to my desires.


A thought before I go.

With this blog I am challenging myself to post a “Thought” every Thursday (the category gives this away).  Today I’m in a rush to pack up bags and gets things straightened up around the house before our two-week vacation in the US (woohoo)!  In past blogs I would get all bent out of shape with how/what my content was saying or does the message fit the blog theme.  This would get in the way of any actual writing.  The goal for me on this blog is too really just be honest and let it all “hang out”.

I am really excited to see my family and all my Aunts and Uncles plus cousins and their kids.  It is going to be a blast!  But I have to be honest, right now all I can think about is my friend back home who is going through a really rough time.  I wish I could say more on this subject but she is a very private person and I don’t want to reveal too much of her situation because of this.  But for the sake of discussion this issue is a life or death situation.   While I am traveling to the States this week, I won’t be in her vicinity.

When things back home get really serious like this its makes being so far away so very difficult.  The only real thing I can do is send a letter (okay, email) with my most heartfelt words expressing my love and support.  But I want to do more.  When it comes to my friends, I like to think of myself as a woman of action.  I take the words “being there” to heart .  Yes I chose to live in Europe but a part of my heart will always be with my friends and family.  These people helped me become the person I am today!  When you make a choice to live far away, you never know the hardships until you are faced with them.  And friends, now is such a time for me.  For this week’s thoughtful thursday I am sending all of my love towards my friend.  May it travel through space and time to comfort my friend’s weary, breaking heart.

Love – Susan