Thankful tweets

Twitter Bird
Twitter Bird (Photo credit: Fanie!)

Twitter is one way that I get the “word” out on my blog.  I’ve noticed since opening this new blog that I’m getting a pretty steady growth in Twitter followers.  I’m not sure if it is my blog or who I’m following that attracts them to my profile but I am thankful for each person that finds anything I contribute interesting.  I have almost a daily practice, or at least a pretty steady one, of going through the new followers and reading their profiles to understand what they contribute, then I press FOLLOW and send a thank you note to them for following me.  Sometimes I get a great response, sometimes an advertisement for their services, and sometimes someone “favorites” my message.   Whatever chosen response they give it’s always a good one.  This has become one of my favorite things to do everyday!


About Self-Love life coach

I moved to the Netherlands to be with my husband. After several years living here and getting through some struggles and obstacles, I decided I would help other expats work through these same things by becoming a life coach. I offered these services under the name of the Life Coach for Expats. Some time later I've taken a deeper look into where my coaching can be most effective. Now you can find me as Susan de Vriend, Self-love life coach at I am the coach who coaches with compassion to support Business Moms find their inner confidence & voice allowing a profound and joyful life to be created on purpose.

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