The Run for Fun!

ohyeah colorrunI did it!  I ran/walked the Color Run Utrecht!  I haven’t run a race in  2+ years.  I really wanted to get back into and couldn’t resist this race when I saw it on TV – “Be a Color Runner“.  I have to say for those wanting to get back into running this is a very easy race since you go at any pace you want.  It is fun also because you get sprayed with colors at each kilometer you achieve!  The principle is great but I will say there were things I was unprepared for.  The Start is unclear.  You just go into a big group and wait for them to call you forward.  This took a long time so we got very hungry (not good before running).  Because of that I was a little short on enthusiasm since I was so focused on what my body needed.  It is very FUN and like a huge party.  Races can feel that way because of the excitement but this one is really all about having fun and well, partying.  They even had a bar with beer before the race!  The race also supported a good cause, check it out here:  Because I am a Girl campaignMe and Lianne after CR

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I moved to the Netherlands to be with my husband. After several years living here and getting through some struggles and obstacles, I decided I would help other expats work through these same things by becoming a life coach. I offered these services under the name of the Life Coach for Expats. Some time later I've taken a deeper look into where my coaching can be most effective. Now you can find me as Susan de Vriend, Self-love life coach at I am the coach who coaches with compassion to support Business Moms find their inner confidence & voice allowing a profound and joyful life to be created on purpose.

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